Who uses EFEI and what are they saying?
pathways EFEI has been used to evaluate close to a billion dollars’ worth of school facilities projects in Tasmania, Western Australia and Victoria (Australia); New Zealand; Florida, New Mexico, Minnesota and North Carolina; the Cayman Islands; the United Kingdom, Saskatchewan (Canada); Indonesia and Kazakhstan. Licenses are typically purchased by independent and Government K-12 schools, pre-schools, tertiary institutions; school districts, and government departments.

Accolades from EFEI clients

"FNI has recently undertaken a full survey of every Government school for the Cayman Islands Ministry of Education, using the ‘Education Facility Effectiveness Instrument (EFEI).

The resulting report provided the Ministry with its first ever extremely detailed analysis of all aspects of our education facilities. Thirty specific aspects of each school were graded against rigid criteria providing the Ministry with clear evidence to make informed decisions about the future development and refurbishment of schools to enable them to effectively support 21st century teaching and learning. This is the only evaluation instrument that we know of that considers what are the most important elements of a school’s design relative to its ability to support education.

A vital contributing factor to the outcomes identified in the report was the discussion with teachers and Principals as FNI Assessor, Annalise Gehling, visited almost every room in every school. Particularly helpful in the report is the inclusion of numerous photographs to support each issue, positive or negative.

In summary, the EFEI report is an incredibly detailed piece of work providing far more detailed information than we were expecting. It has already helped us consider thoughtfully our plans for our existing and new facilities."

- Ministry of Education, Training, Employment, Youth Sports and Culture, Cayman Islands

"The Education Facilities Effectiveness Instrument (EFEI) is the first really effective evaluation tool that considers education buildings in relation to their ability to support 21st Century teaching and learning. Our newly ‘flattened’ world requires us to take a good re-think of educational practices. Clear, informed decisions need to be taken about the design and ability of current and new facilities to support exciting teaching and learning using the full range of learning modalities, and I believe the EFEI is a superb tool for this task.

As someone who has worked in detail with a multi-facility report generated by FNI’s EFEI process I can vouch for its quality. The extensive range of information it included allows data driven decision making for planning. Interestingly whilst we could predict many of the results, there were some that surprised us as well.

The report is outstanding in its detail, thoroughness and photographic examples of each point raised.

This is an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly – every district should consider its use."

- Gareth Long, Education Consultant, United Kingdom/Cayman Islands